Top Five Worst Kinds Of Drivers

Worst Drivers

Do you ever feel it like you are the only sane one on the road? There are lots of different kinds of bad drivers out there. Here are top five worst kinds of drivers on the road!

# 5 – There are those annoying people who never use their turn signal! You always have to wonder about them. Don’t they find it annoying when others don’t use their turn signal?

# 4 – How about people who text constantly? Maybe we’ve all tried to get away with a text here and there but these people do it even in extremely heavy traffic.

# 3 – Then there is the angry driver. This dude gets pissed off at even the slightest faux pas. Maybe you’re not turning right on red when you should or he feels like you should pull on the shoulder to let him pass. What he’s really doing is making it dangerous for everyone on the road!

# 2 – Then there is the speed freak. Who cares about the speed limit or the welfare of anyone on the road? This guy has to get where he’s going if it costs him his life!

# 1 – The drunk driver. There just really is no excuse.

Let us know if you think there are any types of driver’s that we forget that should be added to the list of worst drivers out there!

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