Trout Stocking in West Virginia

By Coveredinsevindust at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Did you know that every winter, numerous lakes and streams in West Virginia are restocked with trout? This year, trout stocking in West Virginia took place in 51 lakes and streams. And, according to the Division of Natural Resources, this could lead to a record year for many anglers.

Lakes are stocked with fish to keep up with fishing demand along with supporting local habitats and restore populations. The fish are raised in hatcheries until they are big enough to be released into the wild.

This year, the lakes and streams were stocked with rainbow, brown, golden rainbow, and brook trout. And, because of the mild winter we had, the trout were able to grow bigger than usual.

“Our hatcheries have had a good year,” said Jim Hendrick, hatchery program manager for the Division of Natural Resources. “The mild fall really helped. The water in the hatcheries stayed relatively warm, and the fish continued to eat and grow. We’re kind of bursting at the seams with trout right now. In terms of pounds stocked, we might be looking at a record.”

Check this list to see which lakes and streams are stocked with trout each year in West Virginia.

June 18th is recognized as National Go Fishing Day. To celebrate, you should plan a trip to your favorite fishing hole. Has this been a record-setting fishing year for you?