Hyundai Works to Create a Connected Car


Hyundai Motor Group has partnered with Cisco to create new ideas and get closer to creating a successful connected car. They are currently working on a roadmap for connected car development in hopes of creating a “hyper-connected and intelligent car.”

Many automakers and technology companies are working on the creation of connected cars. Autonomous driving is also a big deal, as developments are just now becoming solid enough to test.

However, fully autonomous vehicles may be a bit further in the future, so for the present, Hyundai is working on car connectivity. This connectivity should be between driver’s smartphones and their vehicles. The company hopes to develop technology such as smart remote maintenance services and smart traffic controls.

The overall goal is to provide drivers with an increased hub of knowledge to enhance the driving experience while decreasing the chances of vehicle maintenance failure and accidents.

Creating a computer on wheels is one of the last technology frontiers to living a fully connected life. By creating a connected car roadmap, Hyundai is placing connected mobility at the center of customers’ lives.

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