Follow These Holiday Decoration Safety Tips This Festive Season

Holiday Decoration Safety Tips

Each year, many more accidents are caused by holiday decoration related hazards than one might image. To keep your home and family safe, be sure to check out these holiday decoration safety tips:

  • Though many artificial trees are fire-resistant, plenty are not. And, of course, real trees are highly flammable—be sure to keep your tree away from the fireplace.
  • Keep your real tree hydrated throughout the season, as a dry tree is much more likely to catch fire.
  • Double check your lights from last year, and throw away any lights that appear to have significant damage, especially if they have frayed wires.
  • Keep any holiday candles on a secure base so that they are much less likely to get knocked over.
  • And lastly, when using a ladder to decorate outside, always have a spotter to watch out for you!

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