How to Remove Rust From a Car

11425490133_1e2d5b01f0_zRust is a major mark of age for many cars but water damage and grime can cause rust just as easily. Even if you aren’t the best at taking care of your car, removing rust and maintaining a pristine look is a relatively easy task if you catch it early. Here’s some advice on how to remove rust from a car at any stage, courtesy of us here at Joe Holland Hyundai!

  • Surface Rust – While not a problem structurally, surface rust is a blemish on an otherwise gorgeous car. Like general paint repair, you’ll want to fix rust as soon as possible. Use sandpaper to get through the paint and corrosion until only clean metal is visible. Use primer and paint to cover the metal and then add a clear coat. Finally, buff the newly-covered area until it matches the rest of the car.
  • Scale Rust – The next stage of rust, scale rust, occurs when rust penetrates the surface of the metal and causes damage. Use a wire brush to get through the rust, then use a grinding wheel to remove roughness. From there, use sandpaper, primer, paint, a clear coat, and buff as you would with surface rust.
  • Penetration Rust – The final stage of rust, penetration rust, usually leaves just two options. First, you can replace the affected area altogether. The second option is to remove the rusted parts and weld new panels into place. If you aren’t a professional, the first option is likely preferable as an improper repair could leave cause structural damage.

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