Hyundai Unveils the New Accent Value Edition

13581692824_d08b00a568_zHyundai is offering a new variant of its 2017 Accent to drivers who are willing to shell out a little extra cash for a lot of value – the Hyundai Accent Value Edition. With a sticker price of only $17,285, the Value Edition is only $705 more expensive than the base trim level and comes with a ton of luxurious features you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere for a similar cost. If you want to drive an opulent vehicle on a budget, now’s your chance.

Features standard to the Accent Value Edition that are available on the base model include a six-speed automatic transmission (as opposed to the SE’s manual), 16-inch aluminum wheels, steering-wheel mounted control, Bluetooth connectivity, and cruise control, adding a bit of upscale tech and stylish flair to an under-18,000 vehicle. Of course, the $15,580 Accent SE is still available if you’d like to spend as little as possible, or if you want something a little more high-end, the Accent Sport trim on the hatchback model offers athletic good looks and capable powertrain options.

The Accent Value Edition is evidence that, despite Hyundai’s reason voyages into the luxury class with its new Genesis sub-brand, the automaker still knows how to stay true to its roots. However, if the Value Edition doesn’t do it for you, the Accent is overdue for an upgrade – so keep an eye out for a redesigned next-generation model in the next few years.

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