Drive the i30 N on Highland Scenic Highway’s New Tour

Hyundai has been hyping up their new N sub-brand, which will focus on a lineup of athletic performance cars. The company recently released a teaser for the new Hyundai i30 N sports car, showcasing the vehicle being test-driven at the Nurburgring track alongside the announcement that the production model will come with all-wheel-drive and the Theta 2.0-liter turbo engine.

Coincidentally, the beautiful Highland Scenic Highway has been given a new self-guided tour for drivers in the area.

Designed and put together by Terry Hackney, whose Lens Creek Studios are located in the nearby Fort Ashby, this tour features five informational kiosks and seventy-six interpretive markers along the highway that indicate points of interest to passersby. In addition, Hackney has made an audio disc titled “43 Miles of Discovery” than can be played at eighteen different points of interest along the Highland Scenic Highway by drivers taking the self-guided tour.

Once Hyundai’s i30 N is available to the public, the Highland Scenic Highway would be an ideal location for a day trip – imagine cruising in the powerful sports car and listening to fascinating information on the area’s history, geology, and biology as you pass through this heavily forested area. The entire highway is devoid of billboards or any other marker of civilization, making it the perfect place to get away for a bit.

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