Hyundai Ioniq Lineup Debut at NYIAS


The Hyundai Ioniq Lineup debut at the New York International Auto Show in March marked the first car in the world to offer three different ecofriendly powertrains. Available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and a fully electric car, the Hyundai Ioniq lineup combines sleek style with all the latest technologies.

Hyundai believes the Ioniq lineup will attract a growing group of drivers who desire a low-emission vehicle without having to compromise style and performance. All three Ioniq vehicles will have innovative smart features like automatic braking, as well as the latest in infotainment technology like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The Ioniq EV has top of the line range at 110 miles, while the plug-in hybrid has an electric range of 25 miles. The Ioniq PHEV and Hybrid both feature direct-injection four-cylinder engines. Designed to look futuristic inside and out, the cabin is clean and modern and always comfortable thanks to efficient technology that makes heating and cooling use the least energy possible.

The Ioniq concepts are an important step in the right direction toward Hyundai’s goal of global sustainability.

Spring Car Maintenance Tips

Car Wash Charleston, WV

After a harsh winter, your car needs a little help getting back on its feet, so spring car maintenance is a must. Here are some things you should do when the weather starts to warm up.

First, check your fluids. They’re likely low or even dirty to the point of needing to be changed. Have your battery tested along with your spark plugs—if performance is low or they’re more than three years old, just replace them.

Check your tire pressure since cold weather lowers it, and check to make sure your brake pads, lines, and belts aren’t wearing out. Get new windshield wiper blades—after sweeping snow off your car all winter, your blades are probably too tired to keep up with spring rain.

Check out your wheel alignment and suspension as well. These can easily get knocked out of place when you hit big potholes. If you feel your car vibrating or pulling to one side when you drive, definitely check the alignment and suspension.

Clean, clean, clean, outside and in. Salt and slush that build up under your car can lead to rusting, and you’ll feel much better when your car is clean on the inside.